Gus Rodriguez, Mexican Gaming media pioneer, has passed away.

A great Mexican script writer, and pioneer of gaming journalism in Mexico passed away last night, Mr. Gus Rodriguez.

The cause has not yet been revealed.
He was better known outside of the gaming circles as the creator of the TV character “Armando Hoyos”, famously played By Eugenio Derbez. He also wrote Mexican comedy shows “Al derecho y al derbez” and “La famila Peluche”, also starring Eugenio Derbez. He was also the script writer for Patty Chapoy’s Mexican celeb gossip show “Ventaneando” (think Mexican TMZ but more conservative).

Inside gaming circles though, he became popular as he ran of the first televised gaming-centric shows, Nintendomania.

I remember he was heavily involved in Mexican Nintendo magazines that I used to read as a child. He also had a show that us Mexican millennials loved called Nintendomania, back in the 90s.

Once upon a time, I had the pleasure of meeting this man. It was before I was old enough to realize the significance of it, but for some reason I never forgot it. Dude was like a big kid wearing Nintendo stuff all over, before facebook-ad-targeted-gaming-t-shirts were a thing. This happened sometime in the late 90s, when Nintendo organized an official Pokemon tournament in Mexico city. It was during the first gen games. I made it to the third round, and was disqualified because my cable got unplugged before the match ended and I was blamed for it. I was ten years old at the time….Still bitter about that, but Gus’s presence that day made my day. I was a starstruck kid.

But anyway! I digress. This man was part of my childhood and he left behind a great legacy in the form of Mexican gaming media. Rest in Peace Mr Rodriguez.


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