New Branding Art Gallery!

Hi, I’m Kiyo! I present Tech, Travel, and Treats content, and anything contained in between, to the modern enthusiast.

I recently rebranded. See that last post here.

Thanks to talented artist Azuazuangel, I were able to obtain a series of art work that help set the tone for what is to come in future blog posts, videos, and live streams.

Explanation of the Banner theme

Kiyo started as a Beat Saber video based avatar. While I still make and will continue to make plenty of Beat Saber content, her new videos and posts that address Technology, Travel, and Treats (food) as themes will be a main staple of our content.

In the art below, you can see Kiyo about to slice Beat Saber like blocks, but instead of simple arrows, they are filled with the theme of t3Kiyo Channel: An peaceful island representing travel, a Valve Index representing both VR gaming and tech in general, and a plate of sushi representing treats content. It is a notice of the weird amalgamation and variety of content you will see on our platforms. You also our logo floating about, which has a meaning explained in a previous post. Looking forward to making interesting stuff!

Enjoy the art!

Facebook Banner

Twitch Banner

Site Banner

Twitter Banner

And, my favorite, the Youtube Banner:

Unfortunately, the Twitch and Youtube banner have to be reorganized to properly address how both of those sites crop the banner on different devices, but I am posting how I wish they could have displayed on every device.

Official Emotes

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Official Twitch Panels and icons

VRM avatar shots (avatar created by NaeNae)

Thank you for coming by! On the next post, I will be going into depth about Kiyo’s design. ^ ^


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