t3Kiyo’s Lore



t3kiyo is a girl born in the Beat Saber universe.  The Beat Saber universe is a place full of music, but not for the reasons you would think, Many enjoy the lifestyle. However, not everyone is content.  In the Beat Saber world, their inhabitants know one thing and one thing only: slashing the blocks.  It isn’t known where they come from, only that the blocks have consistently invaded their world, to the rhythm of music (for some reason), for as long as they can remember.  While harmless the blocks fly in, and if not slashed they pile up overflowing the world.  Therefore, those in the Beat Saber world eventually designed the perfect weapon: light sabers.  Light Sabers proved best in getting rid of the blocks, as once slashed, they fragmentate and disappear.  Everyone in the Beat Saber world, ever since, is taught to fight with sabers from a young age.

In fact, since the blocks are harmless anyway, it became a bit of a gladiatorial sport. They developed high rise platforms, complete with elaborate lights and laser shows to greet the blocks as they come, and as the audience watches.

There are two schools of Saber fighting: the Ranked school, and the Dance school. These are two factions that have grown enmity towards each other, as they approach and view the blocks differently. The Ranked ones are known as fierce warriors, who want nothing but to slash every block at all costs. Meanwhile, the Dancers have chosen to embrace the lifestyle brought upon by the existence of the musical blocks. They have developed a dancing fighting style that, while it gets rid of the blocks, does so with a focus in enjoying the music. The Dancers believe the blocks carry music with them because they are meant to be slashed with enjoyment, and therefore embrace them, unlike the Ranked ones. Haiteku Kiyo, or as she would later call herself, t3Kiyo, is a girl born from the Haiteku clan, a clan known for two things: their love of technology, and being a prominent clan within the Dancers faction. Kiyo is an only daughter, and was raised to take the family name. While Kiyo does embrace her family’s beliefs, and does love dancing to block slashing, she always had a feeling of melancholy within her. She always felt, as much as she loved dancing, there had to be more to the world. More to the universe. No one knows where the blocks came from, for instance. If such mysterious things were possible, she thought, surely there is more? One fateful day, a strange encounter took place.

On what would have been a normal dance slashing practice day, a loud electrical noise was heard around the Beat Saber world.  A huge electrical current, as if it were horizontal lightening, hit behind Kiyo’s practice stage.  There, a strange portal had appeared.  She had never seen such a thing.  An oval shaped portal with strange electricity around it.  The portal was like a window, and inside she could see a different place she never had seen before.  She saw a man with strange clothing, wearing glasses, and a lock of blue hair on the front.  Kiyo, in awe, without much thought, but still fearful, slowly reached for the man.  Fellow Dancers noticed the loud sounds and lightening coming from Kiyo’s location.  They ran towards her.  However, as soon as her hand touched the portal, sabers still in hand from her recent practice, she vanished from her world.

On the other side, she found herself inside of a strange machine.  She was dumbfounded, and confused.  Meanwhile, the man was equally perplexed.  Kiyo, not knowing how to react, withdrew her sabers as soon as she felt the man approach.  The man put his hands forth, carefully keeping his distance.  “I’m sorry, I think it might be my fault you are here.  I don’t mean you any harm.  You are inside my time machine”. 


Kiyo stared at the man.  “Are you okay?” The man asked Kiyo.  A silence full of tension ensued.  “Why won’t you say anything?  Can you understand me?”  The man continued.
All he received in exchange, was a careful nod.

Of course there is no way the man would have ever received more than a nod.  Kiyo did not have a voice.  In her world, everyone starts training saber fighting from a young age.  However, they are not given sabers as the emission rays can be harmful to children.  Kiyo was always hyper, even as a kid, and not knowing any better, snatched a resting saber from another dancer in her clan playing around.  People of her world build resistance to the saber emissions as they get older, but this was too much for her at once.  Unfortunately, the exposure left her unable to speak, permanently.  She is used to living this way for several years, however, she has become really good at communicating with other means.

“Can you…not speak?” asked the man.  Kiyo nodded again, this time a little more confidently.  “I can.  Just not with a voice”.  Kiyo communicated to the man, using a small device labeled “SteamVR” that projected a floating image with text in mid-air.  Tension slowly left the air, and Kiyo withdrew her sabers.  The man sighed with relief, as he slowly put his hands down.  “My name is DBQT.  I am a time traveler who is currently escaping the wars of my time…which to you, is the future.  Although it does not look like we are from the same world.  I’ve never seen those weapons before.  What is your name?”  Kiyo looked confused, and replied, purposely avoiding the question.  “World?” She typed on her device.  “Are you suggesting there are other worlds? Have you never really seen a Saber?” Kiyo stared at DBQT.  “SUS!” she thought to herself, as she evaluated his face as he uttered the upcoming reply.  DBQT continued “You’ve never seen a portal before right? The oval shaped thing you touched before you came here?  My clothes are probably strange to you, also.  Should that not be sufficient evidence that I am, at the very least, from a different place than you?”  Kiyo thought for a minute, then smiled. “Ok, Mr future man.  I’d like to go home now, please”  DBQT became silent, looking nervous.  “About that…I have no idea how to do that, yet!  But give me some time, I should be able to figure out how to reopen the portal!” DBQT looked earnest and enthusiastic, almost child-like.  Kiyo pouted angrily.  “WHAT?!” She typed enthusiastically, with all caps, making sure to insert at least one exclamation mark.

This is how Kiyo and DBQT started traveling together.  At first, while DBQT did not know how to open portals to specific worlds, he was able to open some at random, while keeping access to his time machine intact.  However, only the world hopping functionality of his technology, which seemed to be derived from strange powers he seemed to possess, was working.  Upon meeting Kiyo, it was the last time he was able to time hop.  From then on they continued moving laterally to different worlds, while staying in the same time period.

Kiyo had recalled the melancholy she once had felt in her old world, and after traveling with QT, as she now called him out of endearment, realized she no longer felt that.  She realized that being able to see other worlds other than her own was what she was missing all along.  She had a hidden sense of adventure; an insatiable desire to see and understand more about the Universe and all the mysteries it holds.  She wanted to see and experience more; live more; know more; enjoy more. 

Kiyo soon realized that, there were three main things driving her desire to discover new worlds—technology, as coming form the Haiteku family, discovery of technologies from different worlds was wildly interesting to her; tasty food, as she was sometimes referred as the queen of gluttony in her own world as she loved eating ALL the things, and the prospect of discovering more in other worlds was very exciting; and travel in itself, as being able to see new sights she never had before filled her with utmost joy. 

Kiyo traveled with QT for a few years, time in which QT managed to control which worlds they visited, and to give Kiyo the ability to travel herself.  During this time, Kiyo became known as “t3Kiyo”, a name that she initially chose for herself, but became the only name most people knew her by.  She derived the name from what she called the “3 t’s” that drove her forward to travel worlds: travel itself, tasty food, and technology.

Eventually, QT found a way to bring Kiyo back to her own world.  And while she did come back, she did not stay. 


Upon arriving, this time in the company of QT, they realized that QT’s mishap the day they met had caused an anomaly in space and time, which had exponentially increased the influx of the mysterious flying musical blocks that enter Kiyo’s world.  Kiyo leaving her world was not exactly helpful either, and what resulted was that the world could no longer sufficiently destroy the blocks.

QT and Kiyo both felt responsible, and decided to use their ability to travel worlds to help.  If the Beat Saber world did not have enough people to destroy blocks, then they simply would bring more people.

Kiyo and QT started traveling again, now looking for people that were suitable to defend the Beat Saber world.  QT also managed to make an improvement to the travel devices.  While he was still unable to return to his own time, they could now travel to other worlds that were in a different time period than their own. Typically, most worlds were lined up in the same time periods. However, there were some that were out of sync, and reflected either a very far future or a distant past, but typically with bizarre differences from their own world.

Their search took them to a strange world, known only as “the Colosseum”. This world was oddly a combination of what QT called “Earth’s Canada” and “Earth’s ancient Rome”.  Kiyo did not know either of those words, but just shrugged it off.  There, upon looking for strong warriors, they were lead to a man named Skrethicus, who was widely known as a warrior with incredible accuracy when slashing a target.  The man was oddly friendly and wholesome for someone who was a warrior by trade.  “So you are telling me that you two are from different worlds, and you need help slashing magical musical blocks in a world where this red headed, skirt wearing girl came from, and that you are gonna take me there via magical Oval-shaped portals?”

QT and Kiyo, in unison.  “Uh…Yes?”

“Fuck, eh?” He replied with an unmistakable Earth Canada accent.  “I don’t see why not” Skrethicus said while jovially laughing it off.

Skrethicus became a travelling companion and friend, but he was not the only recruit.  Kiyo and QT managed to get many people to come to the Beat Saber world to help reestablish the balance of blocks to a manageable amount.

With time, even after the menace was gone, QT and Skrethicus became prolific Beat Saber warriors, just like Kiyo was, and were a popular choice to spectate among locals.  In order to keep peace, the Beat Saber world agreed to not require any outsiders to commit to any school of Saber fighting.  Plus, the Beat Saber world saw an economic boost from their newfound role as a tourist destination.

Kiyo and her friends continued traveling, while making regular returns to the Beat Saber world, having become Saber fighting performers on their own right.

Kiyo went on to gain a little bit of fame for herself outside of her world as well, being known as a traveler, Beat Saber dancer, and the owner and hostess of her newly established “t3Kiyo’s Leisure Club”.  Her club location is revealed only to those who engage in a technological act known as “following”, “subscribing” and/or “joining her discord”.  Only those who have done it understand what that means…

What is known is that, for those who cannot attend the Beat Saber world in person, Kiyo hosts and airs her Beat Saber Dance fighting at her club.  And even those who cannot come to the club directly, are able to watch her on devices called “smartphones” and “computers”, even from a different world.  Her club is focused also on exploring the 3 t’s that are her passion.  So anything related to travel, technology, tasty foods, or variations thereof, are topics of discussion amongst her members.

Furthermore, Kiyo has become able to broadcast some of her travels with her friends from time to time, world hopping and showcasing to her members.  This activity has colloquially gained the name “VRChat”.

Kiyo also gained popularity because her favorite thing to keep from her favorite worlds she visits is…clothing.  She has visited hundreds of worlds, but as of right now, she has kept 14 outfits, each from one of her favorite worlds.  She loves showcasing the outfits during her Beat Saber Dance fighting shows, as well her travel broadcasts.

And today, dear viewers, she is celebrating her Leisure Club reaching over 1000 members.  Thank you all for coming today!


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