t3. Meaning, T to the third power, is the central theme of this blog. t3 symbolizes three very important words in my life that start with the letter T: Technology, Travel, and Treats (food in general).

Kiyo, is the virtual persona through which I have chosen to present the content.

Also, the 3 serves as an E, also giving the meaing “teki kiyo”; for obvious reasons hehe xD

The three Ts:

Tech – The most important set of inventions and advancements since the industrial revolution. Technology enriches and enhances everything we do. It allows us to enhance the moment. It allows us to immortalize the moment. It allows us to share the moment. It enriches it and interconnects it globally in an instant if you so desire. It is the culmination of human communication.

Travel – This is indispensable for human development. There are things, experiences, and realities that we cannot ever possibly see unless we leave our home. Travel becomes increasingly easier and more efficient thanks to technology. We can travel across the globe in a single day. We can see an entire different culture, meet their people, eat their food, hear their music, and be in awe at their buildings. It is undoubtedly one of the most important things anyone should strive to do in their lifetimes.

Treats – Food is a culturally inspired amalgamation of flavors contained within a dish. Each and every spice producing every flavor has become part of each dish due to an incredibly rich history that led it there. Food can easily symbolize an entire country in a single dish. Eating said food is one of the most exquisite and rewarding experiences the human body is capable of realizing.

t3Kiyo – If you travel, you can experience more tasty treats. Due to your experiences eating those treats, you are likely to be inspired to immortalize it, or share it, using your technology of choice. Not to mention that, technology in itself facilitates both treats and travel. This is why I chose Times Square as a theme picture on this site. Times Square is one of my favorite places that uniquely and perfectly contains and symbolizes the best of all three: technology, travel, and treats! It is a beautifully interconnected cycle, and I hope to share with everyone my passion for repeating this cycle in the form of easily consumable information.

That is the point of this site. Here, you will find reviews, guides, opinions, and first hand information about those three Ts. As you will have realized by now, through all of the content in this site, I live my life pursuing and ensuring these three Ts stay in my life at all times. They are a passion that drives me forward, and always has. Through this site, I hope to utilize my past experiences and knowledge to share my outlook with those who are also passionate about Tech, Travel, and Treats!

And what better way to present tech content than through a virtual anime girl? It fits met perfectly ^-^

Thank you for your visit. Kiyo out!

UPDATE 02/15/2021: This concept will be changing. NOT abandoning the 3 Ts, but how they will be presented will be different. I will announce it when everything is ready ❤