t3Kiyo reaches 1000 follows on Twitch. THANK YOU!

I started streaming as a weight loss journey.  I was not happy nor healthy.  I bought VR out of my love for all things tech.  First time I tried VR, it was Space  Pirates Training, and I was blown away.

But it was many times when I bought something tech that was expensive and abandoned it in a corner a few days/weeks/months later.  I tend to do that.  But VR? I took over my life.  In a good way.  Beat Saber became such a deeply ingrained love, that I could not stop.  I still cannot.

I first saw Beat Saber through the Omotea youtube videos.  I thought back then that Beat Saber included avatars and dancing, because that was the only exposure I had through her videos.  I was disappointed upon installing Beat Saber, with zero knowledge, that there was no avatars, or custom songs.  This lead me down the rabbit hole of modding, custom avatars, and eventually, streaming.

I started streaming on Twitch on April 9th 2020.  I streamed to almost no one for a month or two.  It was the third month that I started getting closer to the 3 viewer average to make Affiliate.  And by the end of that month, I finally reached 50 follows.

It was difficult for me, probably more than others, since I always have been/am/always will be a mute streamer by choice, so my initial growth was not great.  To be honest, back then I looked at channels with over 200 follows as this INCREDIBLY amazing thing.  Like, how do you get 200 people to like you?

I remember seeing one of my first senpais, a japanese streamer named Kazemiyayade, that had more than a few subs.  Back then, Twitch would list subs on the main page.  And I was in awe.  Who would pay 5 dollars a month to a SINGLE person?  I barely want to pay that for Funimation subscription.  Why would anyone pay that for ME?  I was fully expecting never to have any subs.  I did not ever fathom that possibility at all.  Fast forward to today, where I have a decent amount of recurring Subs.  If I told my past self this fact, she would probably laugh in my face.

But things kept rolling.  I became healthier, more active, more productive.  I gained SO MANY skills.  Video editing, GIMP, Photoshop, Vroid, Unity, Streamlabs, Youtube/Twitter/Twitch content creation…SO MANY things I had no idea about before, were suddenly in my portfolio of skills.  Being a streamer/content creator is a LOT of work.  I spend more than a lot of people spend on part time job streaming and creating content, maintaining my channels, my discord, etc.  Probably more than 20 hours a week.  Easily. 

But, I have NEVER seen this as a chore.  Or a job.  I have NEVER been so incredibly passionate about something in my entire life.  I LOVE this so much.  I enjoy every minute of it.  Even the tedious video editing.  All of it is great.  I actually started on Youtube, but I found it less rewarding.  No community interaction and all that.  But Twitch….God.  The fantastic feeling of enjoying your time playing a game with a bunch of people, is like having a bunch of friends over to play.  And I will not lie, I am a HUGE attention whore. I love every minute, lol. 

It is the people though, that make this worth it.  Without viewers, subs, follows, community members….all of this goes away.  I am nothing without the support all of you have given me thus far.  I am incredibly humbled by the utmost amount of kindness and friendship and warmth I have found in this community.  I have gained friends that will likely be friends for life.  I have gained a community.  I have gained a family.  I have gained happiness.  And I owe it to YOU ALL ❤

My content has taken a different direction than what I first designed for myself, but I am happy with it.  Beat Saber dancing was NOT the objective at first, but it is what I have fallen in love with.  Same with VRChat exploring.  These two games will likely remain the core of my content for as long as it is possible, because they are alike in that the content from them is technically infinite, and therefore indefinitely rewarding for me to explore.

The original idea of the channel was to present travel, food, and technology as a mute Vtuber, but that will shift into utilizing those topics as interwoven themes within the games I play rather than just presenting those things stand alone.  For instance, videos of Beat Saber dancing using an IRL 360 degree picture of a nice travel shot I took, is still coming up.  This content will show up on streams but will usually be more on Youtube.

Also, coming up, Kiyo will have lore introduced, along with an OG outfit redesign.  I will explain the concept when the outfit is ready, and will be introduced along with the lore. 

TL;DR, 1000 follows is a big fucking deal to me.  I cried on stream, I was just overwhelmed with happiness.  I hope to continue to grow, and my ultimate goal is to become a Twitch Partner one day.  I owe all of it to your support.  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.  Thank you ❤

Until then, I hope you continue to support me and stand by my side on this journey.  We have many places left to go.  This is just the beginning .  OwO

Sincerely, Kiyo Haiteku ❤


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